Then Butcher did something truly amazing: He introduced a panel of three women that was not titled “Women in Comics.” At TCAF, women were simply treated as equals and judged on their merits. And trust me, I walked the halls at the Toronto Reference Library and came back with two bags of comics and graphic novels, so I know: There were no charity cases at TCAF. Every exhibitor, male and female, was top-notch. This is a show that a huge number of people want to be a part of, so organizers can pick and choose. What they did this year was simply choose more women, which makes sense in a field where women have been well represented for many years. (There were plenty of men as well, they just weren’t in the majority as they are at every other show.)

So maybe the best thing is that this is a show full of great creators and I didn’t notice that there were more women than usual until Butcher pointed it out. These are the people whose comics I have been reading all along anyway.

—Robot 6’s Brigid Alverson on Why the Toronto Comic Arts Festival matters (via robot6)

One of the ECCC staff was at TCAF this year, and it continues to be an amazing show. If you get the chance next year, it is definitely worth checking out! torontocomics

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