jujyfruit0 said: I'm sure you've been asked but what did you think of Mike's 'clarifying' post this morning re: the PAX panel kerfuffle? Did it alter your opinion at all?

I’m underwhelmed. What I read was more “This is why it’s not my fault and you shouldn’t be mad at me” than a real apology.

It blows my mind that Mike still seems to think that his intentions matter in the slightest here—like the fact that he didn’t twirl his mustaches Snidely Whiplash-style and say “Who can I fuck up today?” doesn’t mean he didn’t do substantial damage or removes his culpability for it. The truth is that most damage is inadvertent or collateral; the main ethical difference is in whether and how perpetrators then take responsibility.

It’d be nice if somehow, this time, this led to long-term substantial change, but I’m not holding my breath: it’s not like we haven’t been through this dance before. It took a long time and a lot of work to build this mess; it’ll take as long and as sustained an effort to tear it down.

I’d like to see PAX and PA change for the better, because I suspect that no matter how much I hope otherwise, they’ll continue to be a substantial force in the gaming and geek communities, and I’d like those communities to suck as little as possible. But on a personal level, I’m pretty much done caring what they have to say.


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