Oregon Volunteer Lawyers for the Arts


Looks like Oregon is finally getting a volunteer law clinic for artists!

We are thrilled to announce the formation of Oregon Volunteer Lawyers for the Arts (OVLA)!  After years of effort, a local group of attorneys, law students and professors from Lewis & Clark Law School are finally getting a local VLA going.

To kick off our formation, we’re holding an art law clinic on Friday afternoon, November 30. 

The art law clinic provides an opportunity for artists and creatives, who could not otherwise afford legal counsel, to have a 45 minute consultation with an experienced attorney in the following areas:


Copyright and trademark

Business formation and entity information

General disputes/litigation

Entertainment law

Non-profit law

Technology and new media

To qualify, an individual cannot have reported more than $40,000 in total income on his/her 2011 federal tax return.  Anyone interested in applying for a clinic session should email legalhelp@oregonvla.org and we will send out an intake form.

The details:

OVLA Art Law Legal Clinic 

Date & Time: Friday, November 30th from 1-4 pm

Location: Lewis & Clark Small Business Legal Clinic, 310 SW 4th Avenue, Portland

Admin Fee: $20 (please bring cash/check with you to your appointment)

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