The “Fake Geek Girl” “Issue”

First of all: Can we please, once and for all, acknowledge that “fake” geek girls are not a goddamn issue? You want a real issue? Here’s one: the misogyny that informs the insistence that “fake geek girls” are an issue.

Apparently this has become a Thing again, so I’m gonna say it one more time, for those who didn’t catch it on the first go:

When you choose to validate your own identity by denigrating and otherwise marginalizing others, you are doing irreparable damage the community you’re claiming to defend. I don’t care how hard your life has been, or how miserable middle school was for you or how many times you got called names for your comic-book collection. You are an asshole. Remember kindergarten? Throwing sand means losing sandbox privileges. You’re out of the club.

Geeks, we need to hold these fuckers accountable. One of our strengths is how quickly we rally around our own, but way too often, that translates to excusing or glossing over or enabling our missing stairs. We need to get our priorities in order, and we need to start acting on them; and, most of all, we need to remember that this toxic shit does a HELL of a lot more harm than letting someone in who hasn’t passed an arbitrary goddamn Nerd Test.



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