jqsilver said: Did Miles have an evil twin? I am imagining a "Nice" Miles who is a "Nice Guy" and who is in the friend zone with "Nice" Rachel.

Miles had a prior engagement. Maybe his evil twin is invisible…


two silent hill fan comics,
The first made from L’s memory of how Silent Hill 2’s plot unfolds
The second based on leaked script of upcoming Silent Hill game

these are both perfect

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Anonymous said: I love your earrings!

Thank you! Me, too. I wear dangly earrings maybe once a year, and it’s usually either those or the ones I made out of Ames lettering guides.

Last night, I read a very—like, as of about two hours before—new story at the Steep & Thorny Way to Heaven Night Carnival, and it was an awful lot of fun. I’m doing a residency thing there, by the way—we semi-officially announced it last night—where I write new kinda-bespoke fiction for a series of events (six or seven in all? IIRC? It’s not super formal. I’ve done three so far.).

I generally have chapbooks for sale at Carnival if I can finish them on time—see the very new fiction part above. Here are the covers to the ones I did not finish on time to sell last night. They’re a limited edition of 13; the red is sealing wax, which will make more sense if you were there to hear the story. I will, ideally, have them finished and available (along with the previous and next ones), at the next Carnival, which is on Halloween.

(If you’re in Portland and you like weird, splendid fringe and experimental arts and circus stuff and music and fiction and excuses to dress up splendidly, you should really be a regular at Steep & Thorny, by the way. They’re splendid. There are Night Carnivals and other arts stuff and music and dancing and weirdly affordable fancy drinks. They also do short-one-act-play karaoke, which is a fucking genius idea, and also the Platonic-ideal format for any work by David Ives that isn’t Philip Glass Buys a Loaf of Bread. ALSO also they did their research and found fog-machine chemicals that aren’t insanely toxic, which may not be a big deal to you but is pretty damn exciting for me.)

So, anyway, the theme of last night’s Carnival was “My Evil Twin,” and, based on what I had in my closet and the general tone of the last few weeks, I decided to twist it up and go as my nice twin instead.

Nice Twin. Not Good Twin. There’s a really key difference. (And a relevant quote from Into the Woods, but you can look that up on your own time.)

My Nice Twin doesn’t wear sunglasses indoors. My Nice Twin smiles and flirts and is polite and graceful and takes whatever she wants but always apologizes with such effusive gratitude and sincerity that you’ll think it was your choice.

My Nice Twin is appropriately culturally feminine. She wears a dress, and tasteful make-up, and she is pretty but not overtly sexual. My Nice Twin is there to make you comfortable, too busy acting like she cares to actually engage. My Nice Twin will thank you so profusely that you won’t notice until a few minutes later that she didn’t leave a tip.

I think the earrings are my favorite part.

bowtunga said: Can you explain the difference between All New X Men and Uncanny X Men! Both are headed by Bendis and I just started the All New series and was wondering if I need to also be reading Uncanny so as not to miss anything

I think you may be looking for the Rachel and Miles X-Plain the X-Men ask box.



I’m going to preface this with a disclaimer: I’m completely out of my face on cold meds. So proceed with caution.

But here’s something I’ve noticed over the years of writing Dr. NerdLove. And maybe those of you who use a pseudonym or a nom-de-plume or some other way of putting distance between…

Dear Anon whose question begins, “I discovered your and Miles’ podcast about a month ago,”

I’m not responding to your ask directly because I’m not quite ready to give up seeing what you wrote every time I click over to my inbox.

Thank you. So much. Ironically, I don’t know that I really have adequate language for how much that meant to read.

Congratulations, too, on finding your passion. Raise hell, and have fun.


the-postmodern-prometheus said: I don't know if you're not getting positive feedback or you're just not answering it, but seeing stupid, pointless, day-to-day internet sexism glom on to RaMX is... I don't know. Extra special annoying. I hope this doesn't come off as patronizing; I know you don't need me to tell you that morons are morons, but I want to say that I like the videos a lot and think you bring a lot of personality to them.

Thank you—that means a lot.

As far as the rest: for the most part, our listeners are almost unsettlingly awesome—like 95% of the moderation we do in the website comments consists of deleting accidental double-posts—which is part of why stuff like this throws me as much as it does.

Anonymous said: Also, "bring down this fucker." Our system may be run and enforced by corrupt individuals it is not in itself corrupt. It is what we have. Not many human beings would survive in a society in which it did not exist. Don't bring it down. Fix it.

Anonymous said: If you want to live in a society in which race is not a factor stop making it one. Stop saying white guy, white people, black person, etc. Worrying about what white people think is small potatoes. If you want change, speak of solutions. Not problems.